Bulk Discount
Shipping & Returns
Most orders shipped within 24-48 hours Monday through Friday(excluding holidays).


First Class Mail 1-3 Decks. $3.49
US Priority Mail 1-10 Decks. $7.30
US Priority Mail 11-60 Decks. $11.95
US Priority Mail 61 Decks or more. $15.95

First Class Mail 1-3 Decks. $6.72
USPS International Priority Mail 1-12 Decks 23.95
USPS International Priority Mail 13-60 Decks 59.95
USPS International Priority Mail 61 Decks or more. 77.95

Shipping days to arrive are not guaranteed and can be affected by out of stock items.

Kentucky residents will be charged 6% sales tax.

Please Note: A check or money order is not confirmed until it clears the bank.


Decks are non-refundable once the seal has been broken.

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