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    Alis Luminis The Winged Playing Cards Deck
    Item #55395

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    We left Africa on foot many millennia ago and traversed the continents. The seas kept pace with our ambitions, and our thirst for exploration guided us forward, or more so survival. Then came the bloody wars, and ages of prosperity and calm, but there was one place that taunted our efforts -- the sky above.

    Great minds like Leonardo designed incredible machines that alas never took to the skies. But our desire unrequited, we paced on, trying to conquer the infallible.

    Though finally, we built mechanical marvels to traverse the heavens and beyond, our ancestors dreamt big in their minds and spun great tales of mighty heroes who made air their companion as we do thoughts.

    Alis Luminis or "Wings of Light" is a hand-drawn playing card deck in celebration of these mighty heroes from yesteryear.

    Main features of our deck are as follows:

    • Gold foiling and embossing on tucks.
    • Embossed Peryton design and writing on the front.
    • Embossed butterfly design on the back.
    • Embossed gold-rim on the front and back.
    • Metallic gold ink on 52 Poker size cards - front and back.
    • Printed by NPCC in 310 gsm premium German Linen card stock.
    • Fulfillment and shipping are done by NPCC worldwide with individual tracking numbers
    • Every Face card is digitally hand-drawn by the artist, including Aces and Jokers.
    • Unique custom pips for each deck.
    • Gold foiled inner design for the tuck.
    • Beautifully engraved butterfly coin.
    • Custom seal.

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 25 June, 2020.
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