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    Bicycle Astronomy Playing Cards
    Item #49980

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    A stunning deck that is out of this world!

    Developed in collaboration with our Club 808 Gold Members, the Bicycle? Astronomy Deck features some of the world?s most brilliant and well-known astronomers in beautiful engraving collages. Created by artist and designer Georgia Young.

    A note from the designer. ?When the Club 808 Gold Members voted for Astronomy as our theme, I knew it would be especially difficult. We all know a little something about it, but to do this deck justice and the field of Astronomy in general, I needed to go deep. It all started with only 12 spots open on the face card personas. How was I to decide? Science progresses sequentially, each advancement built on those that come before it. So that became my basis. I was going to stick to the forefathers. Also, how was I to determine which astronomers should go with which in a particular suit? Can you figure out what I finally based my decision on? By the way, it?s remarkable to consider there are any Queens at all considering how distaff weren?t exactly welcome in the sciences. It is a testament to their courage and massive intellect that could not be ignored. In fact, the common denominator in all of these people is their unquenchable curiosity coupled with an out-of-this-world intellect. Please forgive me my decisions and humble interpretations of these marvelous individuals.?

    • Made in the USA
    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 08 December, 2016.
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