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    Chilly Weather Mystery Decks
    Item #61177

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    $14.95 Per Deck

    6 Decks
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    The new Bicycle Chilly Weather series is composed of 6 standard editions and 2 limited editions.

    • Standard Editions

    Rain Edition (Official Probability: 14%)


    Storm Edition (Official Probability: 14%)


    Lightning Edition (Official Probability: 14%) 


    Lightning Edition (Official Probability: 14%) 

    Snow Edition (Official Probability: 14%)


    Tornado Edition (Official Probability: 14%) 


    ? Hidden Bonus??

    Part of the font pattern of Tornado Edition is printed with UV fluorescent ink


    • Hidden Limited Editions
      Vibrant colors that glow under UV Blacklight
      Custom cardistry fan design

    Sun & Ice Edition (Official Probability: 8%) 


    Hot & Cold Edition (Official Probability: 8%)



    Limited Editions large area fluorescent ink printed
    (Needs to be illuminated by purple light to stimulate color)


    ? Extra Full Set Bonus??

    Each deck contains a theme card. Collect 8 decks to spell out the "Chilly Weather" name in Chinese.

    This product was added to our catalog on Monday 20 November, 2023.
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