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    2nd Edition Black Roses Playing Cards
    Item #52161

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    The Black Roses are blooming again for the second time in a very grounded green color.

    Designed in Germany by the lead graphic designer of the Orbit Deck Daniel Schneider.

    The 2nd Edition Black Roses Playing Cards features a minimal floral design inspired by classic playing card composition.

    Unlike the first edition, Daniel added some magicians on the courts whom you might find familiar.

    Something special, because the Black Roses probably wouldn't exist without some of these people.

    The name of the deck and the color might be a little bit confusing at the first glance.

    This edition of Black Roses has a green back. You'll see why these cards are still called Black Roses when you see the Jokers.

    Black Roses Immergrun Features:

    - Premium crushed paper stock
    - Traditional cut
    - Printed by the US Playing Card Company
    - 2 of Diamonds duplicate
    - 1 black/green double backer
    - King of Spades - Justin Miller
    - King of Hearts - Farid
    - Jack of Spades - Allec Blanco
    - Jack of Clubs - Takumi Takahashi
    - Jack of Diamonds - Chris Brown

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 19 April, 2018.
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