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    Five Elements Playing Cards Wooden Collection Set with 5 Dice
    Item #58960

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    Five Elements

    Ancient Chinese philosophy and astrology believed that nature is composed of five elements: gold, wood, water, fire, and soil.

    These five types of elements have different properties. Fire is hot, which has an upward nature; the soil has the nature of peace and existence; gold has the nature of killing and astringency; water has the nature of cold and moisturizing.

    With the rise and fall of these five elements, nature has changed, affecting not only human's destiny but also the circulation of the universe.

    The Five Element Playing Cards

    The full set consists of 5 decks of cards. 5 distinct designs correspond to 5 elements, which are represented as a totem on the back of the card and the card box.

    High-quality paper, printed in Taiwan, limited to 1000 each. A creative side opening card box, a more complete picture is used to present the design.

    • Five Elements theme
    • Limited to 1000
    • Air-Cushion Finish
    • 52+2 Jokers
    • Standard Poker Size 63mm × 88mm
    Gold Element Playing Card
    Gold, written in Chinese, it is a rare metal in nature. The golden color and the design includes gears and other sharp parts, with clear edges and corners.

    Wood Element Playing Card
    Wood, written in Chinese, is a plant in nature, symbolizing vitality. The color is green, the design elements adopt vine leaves, and there is also clover which symbolizes luck.

    Water Element Playing Card
    Water, written in Chinese, it is gentle and wise. The color is blue, and the design elements range from water droplets to waves, full of flowing beauty.

    Fire Element Playing Card
    Fire, written in Chinese, it is powerful and enthusiastic, which can not only warm the world but also attack and destroy. As the most aggressive of all elements, the color is bright red.

    Soil Element Playing Card
    Soil, written in Chinese, symbolizes the earth, which is known for its inclusiveness like the earth. The solid stone in the design is dark brown.

    Five Element Wooden Collection Box Set

    Five decks of cards are quietly displayed inside the box. The patterns at the bottom of the deck work together to form a continuous and interrelated matrix from which the magic of the mysterious five elements seems ready to burst.

    Five elements playing cards will be sold only as a set, limited to 1000 with numbered certificates.

    Comes with a wooden gift box, like a small box sealed with magical powers. It is made of solid wood and weighs a lot. The lock on pure copper is full of exquisite carve patterns and flowers, let the suit go up in detail faultless.

    Inside the box, five packs of CARDS are quietly displayed. The patterns at the bottom of the card work together to form a continuous and interrelated matrix from which the magic of the mysterious five elements seems ready to burst.

    About the resin dice

    There are 7 Faces in total.

    Each set includes 5 dices in same face and match 5 different element colors (Mental-gold, Wood-brown, Water- blue, Fire-red, Earth-yellow).

    NOTE: Dice will be shipped out randomly.

    This product was added to our catalog on Friday 19 August, 2022.
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