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    Prohibition 6 Deck Boxed Set Playing Cards
    Item #48582

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    $126.00 Per Deck

    6 Decks
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    Subtotal $126.00

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    Atlantic City. 1920. The Volstead act has made it hard to find a drink in this town, unless you know where to find the local speakeasy. If you've got 2 bits and the password, you'll get in the door.

    Behind the bar you?ll find Rusty - he?s as quick with the drink as he is on the draw - but you won?t be hanging around long enough for either. You?re here to pick up a very special order.

    A nod and a wink is enough to make Rusty slide the unassuming wood box across the counter. The burnished brass latch keeping the lid secure and the contents hidden from prying eyes - but those in the know are aware you?ve just picked up six of the best.

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 10 December, 2015.
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