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    Untouchables Playing Cards
    Item #56458

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    The Untouchables were legendary US federal agents led by Eliot Ness, appointed to aggressively enforce prohibition laws. They were especially focused on the illegal activities of Al Capone and his criminal organization.

    Deck specifications:

    • Gold foiled tuck case
    • 52 customs cards 2 Jokers
    • 2 double backers cards
    • 1 bonus Information (Story) card
    • Custom sticker sealed tuck case
    • 310gsm premium German stock
    • Linen (Air Cushion) finish
    Fearless and incorruptible they were nicknamed 'The Untouchables" after several agents refused large bribes and threats from members of Capone's criminal organization.

    Commemorated in the aces of this deck are: Al Capone - the criminal mastermind, Eliot Ness- the leader of The Untouchables, Frank Wilson - the accountant that devised the strategy to convict Capone for tax evasion, and William Hale Thompson - the corrupt mayor of Chicago aligned to Al Capone.

    The Back Design

    The back card design features the iconic Tommy Gun, a go-to for many mobsters and criminals from the Prohibition era.

    Tuck Case

    The Gold Foiled tuck case features Al Capone on the front and Agent Eliot Ness on the back with a custom sticker seal represented by cross Tommy Guns.

    The Cards

    All the cards are fully custom designed, pips, courts, aces and Jokers.

    The court cards feature all custom artwork in-theme with the story of 'The Untouchables', the mobsters, the wives and the federal agents.

    The Jokers

    The Jokers feature the gangsters' favored Tommy Gun and the Model A Ford automobile.

    Story Card

    Bonus information card detailing the story behind The Untouchables Playing Cards

    This Bonus Card is included in all decks and tells the story behind the playing cards, The Untouchables led by Eliot Ness in, the pursuit of gangster Al Capone.

    2021 release

    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 17 February, 2021.
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